The core strength of ABS-int is in its multi-disciplinary team, which is a great asset to cover a complicated topic such as Access and Benefti-Sharing.

Meet our team below:

Dr. Patrick Rudelsheim - senior regulatory advisor and managing partner


Dr. Thomas Vanagt - senior scientific advisor and managing partner

Thomas Vanagt originally trained as a marine ecologist, obtaining a PhD in benthic ecology from Ghent University in Belgium. He is now the managing director of eCOAST, a marine environmental research centre in Belgium. Over the past few years, Thomas has been working closely with science and industry on Access and Benefit Sharing under the Nagoya Protocol and on Marine Genetic Resources in particular. He is one of the key experts on ABS of MGR for Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdictions, advising negotiatiors at the United Nations.

Thomas Vanagt is one of the founding partners of ABS-int.


Mr. Dominic Muyldermans, LLM - senior legal advisor


Dr. Arianna Broggiato, LLM - senior legal advisor


Drs. Aysegul Sirakaya, LLM - legal advisor

Aysegul Sirakaya studied at Bilkent University and London Metropolitan University. After she obtained her bachelor degree in law, she attended Ghent University where she was awarded her LL.M. degree on International and European Law. She is currently working towards her PhD at Ghent University, Department of International Law. At the same time, she is the editor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Policy at Politheor and also works as a consultant on biosafety regulations and WTO at the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. She developed her expertise on access and benefit sharing regulations at eCOAST where she worked on mapping and reviewing the national ABS systems of over 60 countries.